Here is a sampling of recoveries:

$2,250,000: 40-year old woman, neck injury in motor vehicle accident

$2,200,000: 12-year old girl struck by car in Manhattan. Upon investigation it was determined that a truck had cut off the car. Fractured leg.

$2,000,000: 32-year old scrap yard worker hit by car that fell from flat bed. Fractured leg.

$1,580,000: Car accident on Cross Bronx Expressway. Fractured leg and ankle.

$300,000: M.P. slipped and fell on a wet floor in the lobby of her apartment building, fracturing her knee. The landlord moved to dismiss her case claiming that they had no notice under the law and were not responsible. Our partner, Neil Kafko, argued to the court that our investigation showed that there were sufficient facts from which it could be determined that the landlord had adequate notice of the condition which caused the accident and failed to remedy it. The court agreed.

$837,500: 65-year old retired woman struck by car. Fractured legs.

$400,000: 11-year old girl fell down playground steps at school and fractured her ankle. Her mother contacted our office and we were able to obtain photographs which showed poorly-maintained steps.

$700,000: 7-year old boy suffers lead poisoning from lead-based paint in his apartment building.

$250,000: 50-year old woman fell on sidewalk and fractured her leg. She came to us after the time to claim against the City of New York had expired. Upon investigation, it was discovered that a poor repair had been made by the abutting landlord.

$450,000: Property damage to client's building caused by adjacent construction.

$125,000: 59-year old passenger in car struck from behind. Hand injury.

$100,000: 35-year old woman slipped and fell in fast food restaurant. Shoulder injury.

$315,000: Woman on motorcycle which collided with a truck. Fractured leg.

$87,500: Breach of employment contract; manager manipulated out of bonus.

$547,500: Ex-pro football player passenger in one car accident. Car rental company denied coverage claiming that vehicle was operated in violation of its rental agreement. Appeals court agreed with our argument that New York law applied and upheld insurance coverage.