Were You Held Without Cause?

Were You Held Without Cause?

Stand up to police misconduct in Parkchester, Throgs Neck, Castle Hill, Coop City and the South Bronx, NY area

If you've been wrongly arrested or imprisoned, you may not know what your rights are. You may not even be certain whether or not you're the victim of false imprisonment. Kafko Schnitzer, LLP will work with you to determine if your arrest or imprisonment involved police misconduct or an abuse of power.

Our office can work to gather evidence that the police had no just cause to arrest or imprison you. If you've suffered from false imprisonment in Westchester, the Bronx, Coop City, Castle Hill, NY or the surrounding area, call Kafko Schnitzer today.

False imprisonment violates your legal rights

You've experienced false imprisonment if you were held against your will without being legally arrested. You could be a victim of injustice if:

  • There was no just cause for your imprisonment
  • The police acted outside of their authority
  • There was no warrant for your arrest

If you think your rights have been violated by police misconduct in the Westchester , NY area, call our office now.